This is the story about how in 2012 I sold everything, packed up, and moved to Sweden for love and life.

When considering this blog, I asked friends and associates what they would most want to read about. The answers were interesting. They wanted to know about Swedish identity, the culture, and even the issues surrounding the high immigration rates in this country. Of course, they also wanted to know all the embarrassing details that I was bound to make as I navigated a new live in Göteborg and experienced culture shock head-on.

But over the last few years of writing this blog, 2S4L took on an evolutionary and unexpected turn. It became a place where not only my friends would read about my exploits, but also it became a place where other expats and immigrants could find comfort, information, and experience a certain kind of reassurance knowing that they weren’t alone. In addition, I was delighted to find that quite a few Swedes in America were also coming to this site to read about the country they either immigrated away from, or to get an idea of their ancestors place of birth.

My name is Lisa Mikulski. I’m a writer and photographer. In Scandinavia I have been writing for Göteborg Daily, Göteborg; The Local – Sweden; Nordstjernan – NYC; Spoon Content Agency – Göteborg; and most recently I have begun working with Polar Fish Publishing – Stockholm.

In the US, I wrote for INK magazine, Artscope Magazine, The New Haven Arts Council, and AIGA Connecticut. My photography has been published in the Hartford Business Journal – The Hartford Book, in Artscope Magazine and INK publications. I was honored to sit on the Board of Directors for AIGA – Connecticut as their Director of Communications and Public Relations.

I’m presently based in Göteborg, Sweden and Boston, USA. I’ve been a blogger for many years and I welcome you to 2Sweden4Love.

All photographs are copyrighted ⓒ Lisa Mikulski

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I’m always interested in working for publications and businesses in the Scandinavia, Europe and the United States. Please contact me.



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