In 2012, I sold my house, my car and I sold, gave away, or burned most of my personal possessions. What little I had left, was put into storage and I moved to Sweden for love. I also moved to Sweden with a mission. I am a writer and photographer. This is my story and this journal is where I’ll document what I see and what I learn as I navigate life in Scandinavia.

I invite you to take a look around 2Sweden4Love. Check out my photography in The Gallery. The blog contains a variety of information on culture, lifestyle, creative ideas, and my observations about life in Sweden.

Do you seek a writer or photographer for features, editorial or marketing content development? You can check out my writing and photography services or please feel free to contact me here. I’m always seeking great gigs with great people in the Nordic region, Europe, and of course, the United States.


“Some of the changes you go through will be big and profound. Some will be small and subtle. I suspect that the small changes will be as important, and maybe more so, than the big ones” – Matthew Clark



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